Habil, meaning Abel, is a cultural and political bimonthly. Published since October 2006, it mainly explores, analyzes and discusses history and culture of Islamic Revolution and Iran-Iraq War . As a non-governmental, independent journal, Habil has a distinct approach to its subject, emphasizing on critical and analytical aspects of these mainly social issues.
Habil tries to promote dialogue and exchange of ideas. In doing so, it avoids political, discursive and selective monopoly of war accounts, thus focusing on popular narrations of revolutions and war in parallel with official accounts. Setting aside the promotional approach to social categories, Habil takes humanities and social sciences approach to Islamic Revolution and Iran-Iraq War.
Each issue of Habil consists of two parts. First part is the main body, including articles, interviews, critiques, stories, poems, etc. which are generally related to main interests of Habil. Second part is Forum, composed of essays written by several authors on a specific current theme such as Revayate Fath Publishing Institute , Our Generation, Bassij, University and Student, Shia Seminary and Clergy, Sexuality and the Sexual, Conscription, etc.
Habil’s primary audiences are students, clergies, professors, writers, researchers and those interested in humanities, social sciences and Iran-Iraq war. Its authors include university students or graduates of humanities and social sciences as well as clergies and independent researchers. A policy-maker council headed by Mojtaba Shahmoradi (manager) and Mohsen Hesam Mazaheri (editor in chief) directs the journal. Habil’s central office is in Isfahan, Iran.

Website: www.habil-mag.com
Tel: (+98) 3112351709
Mail Address: 81465-1973 P.O.Box, Isfahan, Iran